Star Wars and Sgt. Pepper, together at last, like you’ve never experienced them before. A splendid time is guaranteed for all! Watch the videos or download the album!

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The album is done

This weekend the final track was mixed, mastered, and approved by all stakeholders. That means that after five years, the music for this project is finally done. We have MP3s all tagged up and ready to go with the final album art; the album credits and lyrics are...

April 2017: Videos, websites & tip jars

It's with some amazement that we realized we now have 12 of 13 tracks done. That's all the way done -- mixed, lightly mastered, ready for release. I'm embedding ID3 tags and album art and the whole bit now. Only the final track is left to complete and that should be...

Music & Videos

New song: “Major Rip-Off (Trade-Ins Blow)”

Remember that big project we said we were working on that would be worth the wait? This isn't it. This is just a little thank-you for being so patient because it's taking so darn long. This song -- based on Peter Schilling's 1983 hit "Major Tom (Coming Home)" -- was...

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New Song: “I Tried To Play Alliance”

This one's been a long time coming! We've been working on our parody of Thomas Dolby's "She Blinded Me With Science" around for almost a year -- and it did not come easy. In fact, we made "Rage Quitter" in the middle of it because it was driving us crazy and we needed...

New Song: “Rage Quitter”

Download the full-length MP3 for free here. As mentioned in an earlier post, this song came from a random idea from one of our fans, Chris Repetti. He sent a note on Facebook and it instantly made sense to us. So we did it! And we thank him. He's a fan of TalkRadar,...


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Palette-Swap Ninja is a two-man parody band with a strong focus on gaming & geek culture. Dan and Jude take pride not only in their original lyrics, but also in recording all the music from scratch. Enjoy!