Want a PSwap shirt?
Choose any color you like
But ninja wear black

Want to show your support in a public, washable way? Courtesy of Katrin Auch’s l33t design skills, we’re selling shirts and stuff. We make a tiny little bit on each item sold — generally a buck or two per item. We appreciate your support, and your willingness to be a walking billboard, so we’re keeping the prices low.

You’ll find all the Palette-Swap Ninja shirts at Spreadshirt. We’ve got logo shirts, lyric shirts, cartoon ninja shirts, hoodies, baby clothes, you name it. There are plenty of designs in your choice of colors, and we’ve been very happy with the quality. We have plans to expand this store, so if you have a product or design you’d like to see, let us know.

Postscript: We used to have a Zazzle store, but we don’t any more. Here’s why.