I politely said in our FAQ that you could contact us with song ideas but truth be told, I think it’s better when people don’t. It’s mostly because humor is entirely subjective — what’s funny to you is not always funny to someone else, and in our case, we might not even know enough to deliver the joke on your behalf. Brett Elston from GamesRadar came up with a great idea a few years back and pitched it to me, and I liked the joke — but I just didn’t have the game knowledge to pull it off. If it’s your idea, you know why it’s funny, and 99 times out of 100, you should do it.

But that one time out of 100 happened a few months ago. I got a message on Facebook from Chris Repetti with a suggestion that was really just a title. But it was the right title — it was the kind of title that once you hear it, the entire rest of the song falls into place around it. “Three Red Lights,” “The Viva Pinata Song,” and “Halo ((All I Play-Oh))” were like that too; I knew they were worth doing just from hearing the jokey phrase over the title of the song in my head. Jude and I both loved the idea instantly. So we’ve rolled the dice and Chris’ idea will be our next song. We get by with a little help from our friends.

We are currently in the later mixing stages; there may be multiple passes before we get to a final mix that’s ready to release. I need to record a few game sound effects to put the bow on top of the song’s concept/jokes. As a fan, Chris has asked that it debut on TalkRadar, and since it was his idea and he’s getting basically nothing but our deep gratitude for the song idea, this can be arranged! When I have more info on exactly when it’s up, we’ll post it here.

  • Can you go back and try to maybe work with Brett on the idea for the next song? You guys are legends and he is a legend so i’m pretty sure that would make the song a legend. BTW I can’t wait for this song to be released!!!

  • It was a great idea, and it might still work, but we are on a different path right now. We have a really cool idea that we are psyched about doing in a timely fashion for once. 🙂

  • Steve

    Always love it when you guys have news for us about new songs. My friends and I often prefer listening to your versions of songs to the originals.

  • Anonymous

    Its not a P-Swap song if it doesn’t take 6+ month to finish.

  • Charlestfaust666

    just finished listening to the current oxm podcast and heard a song at the end that totally made me think of you guys. was that your new song?

  • I can fully respect the position of not always taking fan ideas.  One of the biggest things about your songs is that, even though they have different lyrics than their original counterparts (one head light, 1985, etc), they all have the same feeling and structure of the originals (1985/AGShrine talk about a specific person and their life trials/loss of entertainment, Pina Colada/Viva Pinnate are a person posting in a personals/online forum, etc).

    Many times fans can come up with a good idea, but the process of making that idea into a song that respects the form of the original song may not always work out.

    Ideas are a dime a dozen, but epiphanies are one of a kind

  • Yep.