Palette-Swap Ninja is proud to announce the availability of our latest song, “Arcade Gaming Shrine,” a loving parody of “1985” by Bowling For Soup. You can download it here — just right-click the link and select Save File As or Save Target As or whatever your browser tells you to do.

For details on this track, click the link below.

Good heavens. I just updated the Songs page and saw that it has been almost a year since our last release. I’m so sorry. Right after that song was released, I switched jobs, then switched jobs again. It took Jude and his wife less time to have a baby than it took me to finish up my half of this song.

If I recall correctly, this track was one that Jude came up with, and it only makes sense since he is essentially the title character in the song. In his spare time, Jude collects and restores old arcade machines and has since long before I met him. He helped me bring a Ms. Pac-Man back to life and has helped me out on several other coin-op adventures. People often ask me “what’s your favorite game system of all time” and I honestly, truly believe the answer is the arcade machine. What could possibly beat a 400-pound box dedicated to playing ONE GAME PERFECTLY and decorated to match? I cut my gaming teeth in arcades and the coin-op games of yore will always have a special place in my heart as a result. I still have two arcade machines in my garage; Jude may have ten times that by now. His basement is apparently very cool but I have not had the chance to see it yet.

Jude did the drums and cymbals and helped isolate some of the sound effects from the games; I did guitars, bass, and vocals. This is the first song we’ve done without any keyboard parts at all, so I really worked hard on the guitars. All told this was 21 tracks, most of which were guitars and vocal layers. I lost my voice in March and had to put off the recording of the vocals for three long weeks, but believe me — I did some tests a week prior to the final recording session and it just wasn’t there.

Jude and I want to seriously thank all the great people behind the great games that are name-checked in this song. If you are in the Bay Area this July, we both urge you to go to California Extreme, which is our favorite arcade show. We’ll both be there this year and it’s well worth the money. This show is put on out of pure love for the games that built an industry and we proudly support it.

— Dan

  • It's been a year but its still Good old Pallette Swap Ninja! You guys were missed, welcome back and awesome song!

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  • Love It! Oh, how I miss spending my time and money in Arcades of Yore'. Well done, gentlemen!

  • This better be getting a mention on Talkradar 100! 😛

  • Great new song! And we all can understand why it's taken you guys so long for this next song. Real life should always come first (but it WOULD be nice if we didn't have to wait a year for the next song, lol).

  • roka360

    Good one. Love it.

  • Devon

    Love it

  • JeffGoldblum

    Dan, you are the coolest.

  • Tareq


  • EXCELLENT job! This had my co-worker and I cracking up, and agreeing with poor Jimmy. 🙂

    The song was great, the lyrics were nothing short of perfect, and the production was frankly your best yet (21 tracks! Job well done)! I can't get the smile off of my face!

    I think I'm just going to buy a second hat to support this song??? I've gotta figure something out. 🙂


  • spiralgray

    I am so glad to get another song from you guys! And a parody of 1985, one of my favorite tunes, no less. Thanks so much!

  • toowicked4u

    Just heard Arcade Gaming Shrine via the OXM podcast, and was blown away by it's awesomeness.
    Great job on all the name pulls!

  • I don't know which if you, Dan or Jude, is the one that does the footwork when trying to obtain the licensing, but did you have any hunting to do on this one?

    Maybe I'm one of the few that knows that “1985” was originally an SR-71 song which was re-recorded by Bowling For Soup, who made it famous. They came out in practically back to back years, and BFS really got recognized for it, but if you looked at the either band's website at the time the song was out, they gladly recognized each other and were very friendly about the whole situation (obviously the song was lisenced, so SR-71 wouldn't care, but they actually helped promote the song, etc…).

    So anyway, I write to ask if it was “as easy as” getting in touch with Bowling For Soup's label, or did you they send you to SR-71 folks to get a lisence?

    If you're curious in hearing “the original” recording, it's on SR-71's “Here we go Again” album.


  • Weily Coyote

    I would sincerely like to thank you for your curiosity. In the process, you've tipped me off to SR-71, a band which i hadn't formerly heard of. Not only is their name great (c'mon, a band named after a high-altitude recon. jet? Awesome.), but their music is equally awesome. Thanks a bunch for your post!

  • Well, you're very welcome Coyote. Hope you enjoy them. They were a “1 hit wonder” from my high-school years, with the song “Right Now.” But once I was in college they released the album I mention above, “Here we go Again” – and to this day it's actually one of my favorite albums!! Just something about it that keeps me coming back.


  • Weily Coyote

    After I looked up their version of 1985, the YouTube video linked to “Right Now” and I realized that I actually DO know SR-71. “Right Now” was in the soundtrack for the videogame “Splashdown”, which came out in ~2000. I heard the song and had the “…I KNOW this song…but from where??” moment…Google is my friend 🙂

  • We license everything through the Harry Fox Agency. They are sort of a clearing house for people who want to obtain a publishing license. Since we didn't want to use either band's recording, it didn't require contacting the labels. We needed the songwriter permission, and most (but not all) songwriters work with Harry Fox to let small bands like ours get the rights to do covers (or in our case parodies, which are basically covers anyway). So for us it was one-stop shopping.

    I knew SR-71 wrote it but I didn't realize they'd recorded it. I knew SR-71 from “Right Now,” which has been a staple of mixtapes that I make for people for some time. But I think the BFS version of “1985” is tighter in its arrangement. Lyrics were definitely easier to wrangle on the BFS version…and they weren't easy to begin with.

  • Awesome, thanks a bunch for the response! Neat info you won't get anywhere else! 😉


  • Arcadeshrine

    I created am arcade website and now I see these guys made the song with almost the same name 🙂 I could use it as my anthem. here it is