Dan just went public with his new job title, editor in chief of World of Warcraft: The Magazine. Hopefully this explains why an otherwise mellow summer has been more chaotic, and why the next songs are sitting waiting for his attention. Jude’s drum tracks are there and Dan’s guitars are not. That’s all there is to it.

Of course, this new job does not, in any other way beyond needing to adjust the windows of free time, change Palette-Swap Ninja. There will still be songs about consoles and PCs and geeky gaming culture. Will there be a WoW song? Maybe. There isn’t one on the schedule, but you never know where minds will wander. But the new gig is good news and is only bad if you’re impatient for the next track. And we know you probably are. So…blame Dan.

Yes…DIY. 🙂 Aeshir was nice enough to create a version of the our wallpaper for use on your Xbox 360 dashboard. Just put it on a USB flash drive (or if your 360 can see your PC, put the image in your shared photo library), go to the Picture library from your 360, select the proper image and press Y to make it your custom background. Ta da!