We know we’ve said we’re switching recording apps, but there’s another reason for the scattered work done on the next song: Dan’s switching jobs. That won’t affect anything on the PSwap side; the songs will still be heard on KOXM and TalkRadar, and once things settle down, he might even have MORE time to commit to the musical stuff. So that’s cool, but that’s one of the secret reasons we’ve been kinda quiet lately.

That said, Jude delivered a first-pass drum track today, and it’s good. Logic has some better drum samples and the kit sounds a lot more lively than the one we’ve been using. It’s exactly the foundation needed to get Dan on track for the bass and guitars and guide vocals. Lyrics are still being written, but they feel right so far. A lot of PSwap is done by feel, and it’s one of the reasons we don’t actively solicit parody ideas from you guys. It’s gotta feel right to us, and it’s tough to do that with outside ideas.

Hey, we got used as music on this week’s episode of This Xbox Life. We appreciate the love!

(and in unrelated news, Jude is getting close to final drums, so Dan is putting a move-on for lyrics and then will start goofing with guitars, hopefully this weekend and next week)

Just busy. Jude’s currently working on the foundations of the next track. Dan’s been busy as hell at work (100th issue of OXM and all that). Next song’s going to be a bit of a personal passion project — the topic is something that is near and dear to both our hearts.

In unrelated news (save that it’s of interest to gaming geeks), if you’re in the Bay Area, you should go to California Extreme this weekend. Dan will be there Saturday, and Jude would be there were he not in Boston.