Palette-Swap Ninja is proud to present our newest song parody:

Palette-Swap Ninja – “Halo ((All I Play-Oh))”

As you may have guessed, it is a loving parody of “Snow ((Hey Oh))” by Red Hot Chili Peppers.

If you like what you hear, tell your friends. Tell a web forum. Hell, tell Bungie.

This one took a while. Jude and I have been talking about this song for about six months, maybe longer, and working on it in earnest for about three, on and off. I had some time off from work so I used it to crash through all the parts I was neglecting — little things like guitars and bass and vocals.

Part of the problem was that “Snow ((Hey Oh))” is far more complicated than it sounds. I knew John Frusciante was a great guitarist, but I didn’t think he’d be quite so impossible to rip off. There was some trickery in getting the guitar part to sound anything like the record; I ultimately recorded it at half-speed. We do what we must.

The other part was that Jude and I really like to tell stories with our dumb little songs, and it took a while to really sculpt the lyrics so that they hit all the points we felt needed to be hit. We wanted a progression through the song so that the lyrics paint a picture and tell a story about this jackass.

And yes…that’s kazoo. I’ve been wanting to sneak in some kazoo for a while now, but since I could not get my Line 6 POD to feed back and I didn’t have an Eventide Harmonizer, this was the right opportunity to bust them out. And I would like to note that this is not just any kazoo. That is three kazoos in three-part harmony, with the lead kazoo having been a gift by a very special gaming musician:

  • irishviking

    Great song guys! I’ve been waiting for a while for a new Palette-Swap Ninja song so I was really excited when you were Twittering about it last night. It sounds great and I love the kazoo part at the end. Well done guys!

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  • clearlyrylan

    yalls are geniuses. when i grow up, i want to know more about midi, keytars, steve getting his cry on, et al. keep it up fellas. if you want sher and i to make you a video, let us know. we are on the brink of fame already…

  • ComicGuy

    Sweet song, This is a very good song and you have done a great job with it. Can’t wait for the next one

  • Grif

    Great song guys, one problem with it, when you install Halo to the hard drive it actually slows down load times. I can’t remember Bungie’s explanation, but the way the maps are loaded it is actually faster from the DVD.

    Never failed to disappoint, can’t wait for more.

  • Dan

    True, but I plead “it rhymed.” I just renewed my artistic license and everything!

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  • Spartan

    Smh Amazing.