Happy Black Friday! “Wii Christmastime” is posted for download on the Songs page. Merry Christmas to all, and to all, good Wii hunting.

Remember that TalkRadar is hosting a video contest — basically, make one for the song — and the prize is a good one. I have grainy photographic proof.

That’s the actual unit offered as the prize, featuring our actual new song on its actual screen. So be creative, okay?

  • CrazedPenguin

    Is it alright if I create a LittleBigPlanet level instead of a video?

  • Dan

    For the contest it has to be a video. If you want to then videotape the LBP level and upload it to YouTube, that’s fine — but it can’t just be a level that you send in, since not everybody can see that.

  • CrazedPenguin

    Too bad I don’t have a digital video camera, or I would definitely do that. 🙁

    PS: always enjoy your appearances on TalkRadar. 🙂

  • CrazedPenguin

    So… a lot of people over at the TalkRadar forums have been wondering when this contest is over. Is there a set date?

  • CrazedPenguin

    I was able to borrow my friends video camera, and here’s the result. This post is just to be safe, I also posted on the Talkradar board.